How to Use a USB Flash Drive?

How to Use a USB Flash Drive?

USB flash drive is a small independence data storage device. It is easy to use, carriable and fast. It gets its energy from the computer or smartphone that it plugged in. So no need for charging. There are lots of USB drive marks and models all around the world. USB drives can be used in computers, smartphones, laptops and tablet PCs. In this post, I am going to explain how to use a USB flash drive correctly.

Plugging Into Target Device

The interface of USB flash drives differs as USB A and USB C Types.  USB A Type is the interface that more or less we familiar with. USB C Type interface is a new type with more developed specialties.

First of all, USB A connection type is a one-way connection. So in order to plug in correctly, you have to align USB flash drive with its socket. The easiest way for the plugin is to check USB drive and USB socket with eyes.

USB Type C connection is a new version. So it doesn’t require to align USB flash drive with its socket. You can use both sides of the connection without checking it.

When you plug in your USB flash drive to the target device like the computer, tablet PC or smartphone, usually there is no need to install the driver. But some models can require additional drivers to be installed before starting to use USB flash drive. Once installed you don’t need to install driver each time you use USB flash drive.

Now your USB flash drive should be ready to use. For example, on the computer, you can see your USB flash drive as a different partition.

Copying Files To or From USB Flash Drive

You can use different kinds of files for your USB flash drive. They can be documents, programs, pictures or videos. Basically, there are four ways for copying files to USB flash drive or from USB flash drive to the computer. These are;

– Using right-click Copy and Paste options of mouse or touchpad,
– Holding with left click of mouse and drag and drop,
– Using right-click Send To option of mouse or touchpad,
– Copy and Paste using keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V)

You can copy whatever you want to USB flash drive freely. You only have to be careful about virus or malware programs.

Deleting a File on USB Flash Drive or Full Formatting

If you want to erase a document on your USB flash drive, you can click on file and use Del key or you can right-click on it and choose Delete option.

If you want to erase all files on your USB flash drive, then I recommend you to use format option. For formatting make a right click on USB flash drive partition under Computer part. Choose Format and run the formatting. All your data will be erased in a short time.

Plugging Out of USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are sensitive electronic devices, it is better to use correct plug out requirements. If you plug out simply disconnecting your USB drive from your computer or device, you can dysfunction it. Because of that, I strongly recommend you to first click on Remove Hardware button at the right down corner of your computer screen. When you see Safe to Remove Hardware tag you can plug out it securely. This important because you can lose your data if you don’t pay attention to how to use a USB flash drive.

Additional Recommendation for Usage

If you want to use your USB flash drive effectively, you should keep it from dirt, water or any other liquid. USB caps are important parts of USB flash drives that keep them from dirt. So always try to use it.

Disposal of USB flash drive is another important topic. Although you erase all data on it, still it could not be safe for disposal. Because most of the erased files can be recovered even with basic programs. So if you want to dispose of a USB flash drive, I recommend you to crash it before throwing to garbage.

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