USB Flash Drives for iPhones and iPads

USB flash drives have different connection interfaces. These are USB Type-A and Type-C interfaces and lightning connector for iPhone/iPad. The USB Type-A interface is the one that we very familiar with and it is the most common interface in the electronic world. The USB Type-C is another connection interface and it is a new technology. Its interface is much faster than USB Type-A connection interface. The lightning connector for iPhones/iPads is another connection type. I am going to write about USB Flash Drives for iPhones and iPads in this post.

The USB Flash Drives for iPhones and iPads usually have two different interfaces on the same device. Most of the models include USB Type-A interface on one side and iPhone/iPad Lightning connector interface at the other side. Their capacity spans from 4GB to 128 GB.

Features of USB Flash Drives with Lightning Connector

First of all, USB Flash Drives for iPhones and iPads makes it very easy to transfer data between the computer, iPhone, and iPad. You don’t need to use any additional connectivity cable or converter. USB Type-A connection interface is suitable for computer and USB lightning connector is suitable for iPhone or iPad.

In addition to that USB flash drives for iPhones or iPads helps to user to increase the onboard capacity of iPhones or iPads. These USB drives are usually ergonomically designed, so you can plug it into your device and use it easily. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive can be a good example for ergonomic design. Its flexible connector makes it fit even though most iPhone cases.

USB flash drives for iPhones or iPads requires apps to be downloaded to target devices for proper use. I mean you have to download the related application to your iPhone or iPad. After setting up required app into your device, when you plug in your USB drive to your device you will be able to manage data with this app. USB drive apps also make it easy to organize your data on your iPhones or iPads.

Besides that, automatic backup to USB drive or watching videos from USB drive is available. Some of the USB drives also includes encryption software to password protect files, so you can share content while keeping sensitive files secure.


USB drives with lightning connector make life easier. Every passing day iPhones and iPads are becoming part of our life. We use computers, iPhones or iPads for our information management. Dual-sided USB drives are the only optimum solution for providing coordination between these devices. If you don’t want to carry converter cables with you or you want to share your favorite photo or videos with your friends instantly, these USB drives are the best solution.



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