USB Flash Drive Virus Protection

Protecting USB Flash Drives against malware or viruses are crucial. USB drives are very important in our daily life. We are using these small but relatively dangerous things for many different purposes. For example; you can use USB drives for transferring your data from one domain to another or you can store your less used data in it as storage. In addition to that using USB Drives for booting an operating system is another usage. These kinds of usages require USB Drive to interact with different systems and different programs. So that makes USB virus protection very important.

While you are using USB drives for data transfer, you are mostly using computer to computer or computer to Smartphone or tablet PC link. Even in some case, it is probable you to use USB drive for printers, scanners or fax machines. All these environments are different and can affect your USB drive differently in terms of malware or viruses. We are in a way accustom to the computer to computer malware or viruses, but we have to be prepared for every domain. If we are using it as a part of our everyday life, so we have to be aware of the importance of USB virus protection.

According to me the most important thing about the security of USB drives is to realize threat environment.  You can never know which information in your USB drive is dangerous to you. And another important thing, although you erase your USB drive always can be a recovery option. Because of that protecting USB drives for viruses and malware are becoming an important issue. Before going into details let’s take a look at to definition of malware or viruses.

Malware or Virus

Malware is a short form of “malicious software” and is considered an annoying or harmful type of software intended to secretly access a device without the user’s knowledge. Types of malware include spyware, adware, phishing, viruses, trojan horses, worms, rootkits, ransomware and browser hijackers. So if you don’t protect USB Flash Drives against malware or viruses with active or passive way, you are in trouble.

Active Precautions Against Malware

1. Hardware or Software Encryption

First of all, you have to have an encryption system on your USB drive. This kind of encryption will enable you to provide full control over your USB drive. No one can use your USB drive without a password. So you can decrease the possibility of affection by malware with the usage of uncontrolled people who can expose your USB drive to threats either on purposely or carelessly. Sometimes a basic write protector program can be enough for that purpose.

2. Antivirus Programs

As I mentioned above, USB drive is being used in the different environment. That means you are probably to meet different malware in different times. So you need to have an encompassing current Antivirus program to detect the latest malware while using your USB drives. Below mentioned programs are some good Antivirus programs that you can use for USB virus protection.

ESET DriveSecurity Antivirus Program

ClamWin Portable

USB Drive Antivirus  V3.02


USB Antivirus 2016

Passive Precautions Against Malware

1. Using Trusted Environment

First thing is to use your USB drive in trusted environments. If you have a computer without virus protection software, then you should not use your USB drive in that environment. Using USB drive such an environment most probably will make USB drive malware affected. If you don’t clean and use affected USB drive in a different environment, successive effects can be devastating.

2. Automatic Scan of USB Drives

In most of the computer antivirus programs, there is automatic USB drive scan feature. When you plug in a USB drive, the computer automatically scans it and deletes all dangerous contains. I strongly recommend you to activate this feature for your antivirus program.

3. Disabling Auto-Run for USB Drives

Auto-Run feature of your computer may harm your computer. If your USB drive infected and you plugged in it to your computer, Auto-Run can open undesired malware instantly, even before antivirus scanning completed. So I recommend you to disable this feature for USB drives.


As a conclusion, I recommend you not to underestimate USB virus protection. There are a lot of easy ways to change your plain USB drives into virus protected USB drive. If you want to protect your data in the secure environment or even protect your systems like desktop, laptop or smartphone against external viruses or malware you have to take mentioned precautions.

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