Types of the Personalized USB Thumb Drives

Nowadays the personalized USB Thumb Drives are becoming very common in the market. Every day a lot of people searching for customized USB drives. You can see a lot of personalized USB thumb drive options. For example, you can choose a USB thumb drive like a credit card or you can write a name on a USB drive. Even you can select a previously customized USB flash drives like a cartoon character. Just imagine and search on the internet. You can easily find your imagination there or at least you can find a way to create your own personalized USB thumb drive from scratch.

Also, a lot of company beginning to use the personalized USB thumb drives for promotional or advertisement purposes. In this post, I will show you the most widespread personalized USB thumb drives types.

Card Model of the Personalized USB Thumb Drives

the Personalized USB Thumb Drives

The best example of the card type of the custom USB drives is the credit card. As you see in the above picture the card is like a credit card and the shape and quality of the card also same as an original credit card. You cannot discern it from the real one. Besides its attractive and unique shape, this resemblance helps you to carry your card easily into your wallet. Also, if you need to conceal the USB thumb drive then this card suits best to you.

In addition to that, some companies can customize their card as USB flash drive. So this kind of usage can make the advertisement more effective and durable.

When you need to use your USB flash drive, you just need to press on the turning mechanism at the side of the card. As you see in the picture a USB interface will appear after pressing the turning part. With this USB interface, you can use your USB drive in every suitable device.

The personalized USB thumb drives like the credit card shape you can reach to around 64GB capacity. The 64GB capacity is fair enough to use in your daily life.

Cartoon Character Model of the Personalized USB Thumb Drives

the personalized USB Thumb Drivesthe personalized USB Thumb Drives

Another widely used custom thumb drive example is cartoon character shaped personalized USB thumb drives. Literally, you can find thousands of shape and style in the market. These type of the personalized USB thumb drives can be used as a keyholder or they can be used as a gift. The capacities of these types also can range from 4GB to 64GB. Again fair enough to use for our daily personal usage.

Fruit Model of the Personalized USB Thumb Drives

The personalized USB thumb drives

Fruit shape model USB flash drives are another types of the personalized USB thumb drives. I just depicted some examples above. You can find different models in the market easily. These model also has a good amount of capacity ranging from 4GB to 64GB.

Some Other Different Models

the personalized USB thumb drivesthe personalized USB thumb drives

the personalized USB thumb drivesthe personalized USB thumb drives

As you can see above there are a lot of mark and model custom USB flash drives. The model can an instrument, a lipstick a gun or motorcycle. These are only samples of the thousand different models.  If you want to buy a personalized USB thumb drive then the Amazon or eBay markets are perfect places to search. You can find some direct links below to reach the personalized USB thumb drives models.

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In this post, I have tried to focus on the personalized USB thumb drives models. If you have any additional info, comment or recommendation please use the comment section below. Your inputs and experience will add value to my post.

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