What is USB Type C Connection and Type C USB Drive?

Type A USB Drive to Type C USB Drive

Before explaining Type C USB Drive, let’s start with USB connection types. USB Types are symbolizing connector shape in the electronic world. The USB Type that we are using common and familiar with is called USB Type A. With the development of technology, the configuration of USB connector has changed from USB 1.0 to USB 3.0. But the shape of connector stayed the same.

Over time, with the development of new devices such as tablet PCs, cameras, smartphones etc., a new requirement emerged for connecting these tiny devices with USB connection. Older version connector was so huge that cannot fit small technological devices. Also, Type A connectors were not easy to plug in. I mean you have to align your Type A device with the socket.

In order to solve this problem and reflect new technology a new type, Type C emerged. This new USB standard brought additional value to USB world. It was developed for USB 3.1 and USB power delivery (USB PD). Type C USB Drive connector is very small. You can use this tiny but powerful connector for your almost every device.

Type C port can be used for different protocols. With a suitable adapter, you can connect to an HDMI, or VGA output, larger USB Type-A connector, and smaller USB Type-C connector via a single port.

Type C USB drive connectors use new USB standard USB 3.1.  When we make a comparison, USB 3‘s bandwidth is 5 Gbps, but USB 3.1’s is 10 Gbps. That’s double the bandwidth, as fast as a first-generation Thunderbolt connector.

Type C USB Drive



As I said Type C USB drive connector is a new generation of USB. So let’s look at the USB drives that have Type C connection. If you search online you will see two different kinds of USB Drive that have Type C USB connection. These are double-sided (I mean contains Type A and Type C connection together) or one-sided (only Type C connection) USB drives.

Kingston Digital Data Traveler Micro Duo USB Flash Drive can be a good example for double-sided USB drive. You can use Type A side for your conventional devices and Type C side for your smartphone or tablet. Example for one side version could be Sandisk Ultra USB Type C USB Drive. You can use it only for Type C USB port.

For most of the Type C USB drives: USB 3.1 read speeds up to 150MB/s, provides very speedy usage. The USB 3.1 is backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 Type C ports.They are modern and ready for future improvements.

As a conclusion, Type C technology will be widespread in the near future. I think before buying new USB drive, it would be better to choose Type C USB drive option or dual-sided option. Because all newly manufactured devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras etc for sure will contain new USB technology and new standards. If you don’t want to carry additional connection cable with you, I recommend to buying Type C USB drive in advance.

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  1. I think the most important benefit of USB Type-C will be its easy use. I really regret to make upside down my USB drive to find correct position to plug in.

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