How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive?

How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive

USB flash drives very useful and tiny devices. We use them in a very agile way in our daily life. They are very important part of our data management. Also, they are technologically advanced electronic materials. Because of their electronic sensitive structure, there is always a chance to result in becoming dysfunctional while using them. In this situation, if you don’t have a backup, the only way to save your data will be to recover it. In this post, I am going to write about ”How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive” topic.

Basically, you can lose your data on your USB flash drive in two ways. One is because of the becoming unfunctional of your USB flash drive. The second one is deleting your file mistakenly on your USB flash drive. For the second one, you cannot recover your deleted file from your computer’s recycle bin. Because the deleted file doesn’t go to the recycle bin as happens for deleted files in the computer.  So in that situation how to recover deleted file from USB drive becoming complicated.

Unfortunately, the only way to recover your data in that situation is to use recovery programs. In that post, I am going to focus on a free recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery. In fact, you can use it on your computer also. The basic features of this program are free, but if you need professional needs you can upgrade to the Pro version by paying some money.

Downloading EaseUS Data Recovery Software

You can use the following link to download the free software. After downloading the software to your computer, you have to run the program. When the setup completed you can open the program window by clicking on the desktop icon or navigating on computer’s programs menu. When you open the program you will see below program window.

How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive

As you see on the screen the EaseUS Data Recovery Software will show you the partitions on your devices including USB flash drives. In my example, Data (H) is representing my USB flash drive.

Starting to Recover Your Files

Now as a next step you have to choose the partition that you want to recover by using EaseUS Data Recovery software. So I will choose Data (H) partition and click on scan button on the bottom of the page.

From now on the EaseUS Data Recovery software will scan the partition thoroughly and will show previously deleted files on the appeared window. The scanning time may be different according to your USB drive volume. You can see my flash drive’s scan results and the files that can be recovered by EaseUS Data Recovery software.

How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive

Now I have deleted file lists. You can select the file that you want to be recovered from that list. As an example, I will click on the first file and will click on Recover button at the right bottom of the window. After clicking the Recover button the program will prompt you to select a destination place for recovered data. The important thing is that in that process you have to select a different partition from the recovered partition. In my example, I have selected the desktop of my computer. So simply select a destination place by using prompted small window below and click ok to proceed.

How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive

After clicking Ok the recovery process will begin and the recovered file will be sent to the destination file. When the process ends you will receive below-depicted information.

How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive

Now you can go to the destination file to reach your recovered file. In my example, when I go to the desktop I see a folder named Recovered Data as seen below.

How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive

If you click on the folder you will see the file that you want to recover as seen below.

How to Recover Deleted File From USB Drive

If your files are not corrupted the software can easily solve your recovery needs. It is fast, reliable and easy to use for individual basic or professional needs. In this post, I tried to explain how to recover deleted files from USB drive by using EaseUS Data Recovery software. Of course, there are a lot of free software that you can use for recovery needs. But this software has 4.5 star customer rate on 204 views. So it is reliable and satisfactory.

If you have any additional info or comment about ”how to recover deleted files from USB drive” topic, please use the comment section below.

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