How to Use USB Drive Encryption Software BitLocker?

In this post, I am going to explain details about how to use USB drive encryption software BitLocker? Using BitLocker for encryption of USB flash drive only one of the options for free software encryption. The good part for BitLocker is that most of us already have BitLocker on our computer. That means those who have BitLocker don’t have to download any additional software. Now let’s go through BitLocker by using examples.

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is a security feature of Windows. It enables the user to encrypt volumes on Windows operating system and supports Windows 7 and later versions. With BitLocker, it is possible you to encrypt your internal volumes like a computer hard drive or external volumes like a USB drive. In this post, I am going to show you step by step how to encrypt a USB drive with USB drive encryption software BitLocker.

How BitLocker Works?

BitLocker uses Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to keep data encrypted on your volumes. Basically, TPM interacts with BitLocker at the startup of your operating system. If TPM Bitlocker connection cannot be established then you should provide recovery password to access your data.

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive by Using USB Drive Encryption Software BitLocker?

1. First of all, you have to be sure that your BIOS support reading USB flash drives at startup. After plug in your USB drive, you should go to Computer and simply right click on your USB drive. On the pop-up menu, you will see Turn On BitLocker choice. Just click on it.

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using Bitlocker

2. In this section, you will be asked how you want to unlock this drive. Select the first option ‘’Use a password to unlock the device’’. Then type your password above and re-type it below. After creating your password click next to continue.


How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using Bitlocker

3. In that point, you will be asked about how you want to store your recovery key. Just select one option and continue next. If you choose print option, be sure that you have printer connection.

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using Bitlocker

4. If you choose to Save the recovery key to a file, you will be prompted to choose a destination folder to save recovery file. Just choose your destination to save it and continue with next.

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using Bitlocker

5. From now on you are ready to encrypt your USB drive. You will see window mentioning that you are ready for encryption.  Press Start Encrypting to continue. Depending on your USB drive volume, encryption could take some time. One important thing at that phase, if you need to remove your USB drive while encryption is ongoing, you should pause encryption first. If you don’t do that you can lose some files.

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using Bitlocker

6. When the encryption completed, you will see a lock symbol on your USB drive. Your encrypted USB drive ready to use now.

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using Bitlocker

7. You can copy any file into your encrypted USB flash drive now. When you plug out your USB drive and plug in again, you will be automatically prompted to enter your previously created password. When you enter your password you will be free to use your USB drive freely.

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using Bitlocker

One important thing is you can only use your encrypted USB drives in above mentioned supported Windows operating systems.

If you have additional info or comment about USB drive encryption software Bitlocker, please use the comment section below.


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  1. How can I recover data from an encrypted usb not phsically damaged. Thx, Happy new years.

    • Happy new year Carol. I am preparing a new post about recovery. I will let you know soon. Thanks.

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