How to Encrypt USB Drive?

USB drives are really revolutionary small assets that can contain lots of information and data differing from documents, pictures to movies or programs. But this specialty makes them vulnerable to security breaches. Especially because of the sizes they can be lost or stolen. For that reason, the primary question for the USB drive security should be how to encrypt USB drive?  In order to provide full security of USB drives, there are two ways that can be followed. These are buying an on-board encrypted USB drive or installing external encryption software to your USB drive.

Buying an Encrypted USB Drive

First of all, if you will carry sensitive data on your USB flash drive or USB flash stick, it is highly recommend you buy encrypted one (hardware or software encrypted) at the beginning. This also a clean way for how to encrypt USB drive question. There are a lot of options that includes built-in encryption in USB drives. These kinds of USB drives makes your data secure and requires the user to enter a predetermined PIN code to access data. Some of the models can also provide automatic USB to Cloud backup option to access your data anytime, anywhere.


Hardware encrypted USB drives are proved in terms of good security quality. If you compare it with the encryption software systems, there is no doubt the most trusted ones always will be the hardware encrypted systems.


If you need a quality hardware encrypted USB drive product, I can definitely recommend Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z Flash Drive. Basically, it contains the combination of Advance Data Protection, Affordability, and Mass Configurability. You can find the basic features of the Aegis Secure Key 3z Flash Drive below.


Aegis Secure Key Features

* FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation U.S. government standards for information technology and computer security

* Military Grade 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption

* Onboard Alphanumeric Keypad

* Admin PIN and Data Recovery PIN

* Reset feature

* Aluminum Housing and Tough Epoxy Coating

* Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism

If you want to learn more about  Aegis Secure Key 3z Flash Drive you can follow the link.

Installing Encryption Software to Your USB Drive

If you have a plain USB flash drive and you don’t want to buy hardware encrypted USB flash drive then the question will be how to encrypt USB drive that you already have? You can change your plain USB drive into encrypted one is also possible. There are some available software programs for your portable device. For example, below-mentioned programs can be used as encryption.


* BitLocker

* DiskCryptor

* VeraCrypt

* Rohos

* Gilisoft

* LaCie Private-Public

* Kakasoft


They are completely free to use. All you need is to download these programs to your USB drives by using a computer and determine a password to encrypt your data. Although it seems a makeshift solution, don’t forget it’s always better creating a new obstacle for an intruder. When it comes to the protection it could be weak if you compare it with hardware encrypted USB drive. But still you will have somehow protection and most of the time it will satisfy your daily activity security requirements.


Security Software Recommendations

As encryption software, I can recommend Bitlocker or DiskCryptor. This two software is perfect for turning your plain USB drive into encrypted USB flash drive.


BitLocker is a security feature of Windows. It enables the user to encrypt volumes on Windows operating system and supports Windows 7 and later versions. The good part for BitLocker is that most of us already have BitLocker on our computer. That means those who have BitLocker don’t have to download any additional software. If you want to learn details about BitLocker and how to create BitLocker encrypted USB flash drive please check the link.


The DiskCryptor software is totally free and can be used for any kind of drives including USB flash drives or memory sticks. This program can encrypt the entire drive. You can download the DiskCryptor on the website for free. After download, you have to set it up to your computer. After completion of setup, you are ready to encrypt your secure data in your USB memory stick. To learn how to encrypt your USB flash drive by using DiskCryptor security software please follow the link.


Every passing day security of personal data becoming more and more crucial. Privacy of the people becoming susceptible to deliberate or indeliberate attacks. USB flash drives, with their small shape but huge capacity and multifunctionality making them relatively dangerous for security breaches. So the best way to protect private data the user have to find a way to create a robust security shield. With today’s technology, it could be managed by buying onboard encrypted systems like hardware encrypted USB drives or using external security software like BitLocker or DiskCryptor. These are the solutions for how to encrypt USB drive and I recommend you primarily the hardware encrypted USB flash drive systems.


I hope the post will be helpful to you. If you have additional info or comment regarding how to encrypt USB drive topic please share us by using the comment section.



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