How to Buy USB Flash Drive?


You want to buy a USB flash drive, but you don’t know which model is most suitable for you? Then you are at right place. In this ”How to buy USB flash drive?” post, you will learn basic features of the USB drives and you will be able to choose USB drive that best suits you.


USB flash drives are so different, widespread and versatile that you can find lots of mark and models around the world. Although they are different, some basic features of the USB flash drives help us to choose correct one according to our needs and expectations.These features can be grouped as security, capacity, speed, durability, connection type and ergonomy. Now let’s check these feature one by one.


The security is the most important feature of a modern USB flash drives. Security is also the most important part of How to Buy USB Flash Drive topic. Other features can somehow be solved or the effect of lack of other features can be overcome, but the lack of security can ruin your life. So if you want to buy a USB flash drive my recommendation would be to put secure USB option at the top of your checklist. Sometimes even a basic security software can protect your files from intruders.


Basically, there are two kinds of secure USB flash drive available on markets. These are hardware and software encrypted USB flash drives. I will not go into details for encryption systems in that post, but if you want to learn much you can follow this link. Very basically I may say that if you want more secure or reliable security system then you have to focus on the hardware encrypted USB drives. There is a balance between the price of the USB drive and the encryption system that is provided. If you pay more you get the more secure system. So you have to decide the value of your data and the required encryption system you need.



Another important feature of the USB drives is the capacity. Before deciding capacity, first, you have to think the usage purpose of the USB drive. Because if you will use USB drive for video storage purpose surely you will need more capable USB drive in terms of capacity. That is important because price and the capacity are directly proportional. If you want to buy more capacity then you have to pay more price. So if you will never use half of the capacity of your USB drives then you should not pay for it. Determining your true need will help you to save more money. Today’s technology reached to 2TB capacity with the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) USB Flash Drive, which is unbelievable. But do we really need that capacity? We have to decide.


The speed is the symbol of the new technology on USB flash drives. You can say that it is not a matter to wait 5 minutes more and that way speed is not so important. In a way you are right. There is no huge difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. But as I said before speed is the technological face of the USB flash drives. Recently Sandisk unveiled its fastest USB flash drive, the SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid State Flash DriveThe transfer speed announced as up to 420MB/s. That means transferring 4K movie to USB flash drive in less than 15 seconds. If you do that on a conventional USB drive you have to wait for more longer. On that point, I will not say to get most faster one but I will suggest you get at least average speed USB flash drive to get the full benefit.


If you have chosen correct security, capacity and speed level on your USB flash drive then you can search for the suitable durability level. The Metalic casing is the perfect ones in terms of protection from outside effects. If you choose the metallic covers like aluminum, it will be durable and also light. Today there are lots of USB drives models that covered by metallic material.


Connection Type

The connection type is related to the suitability of the current or future technology and the transfer speed. If you want to use your USB flash drive with the future technological devices, you should choose Type-C connection beside USB Type-A connection. Today there are lots of dual models that contain both Type-A and Type-C connection. USB Type-C connection is future technology and can provide USB 3.1 interface connection. When we make a comparison, USB 3‘s bandwidth is 5 Gbps, but USB 3.1’s is 10 Gbps. That’s double the bandwidth. So before deciding to buy, thinking the future technology would be wise.


The ergonomy also is a supplementary factor for your decision period. USB drive with the cap that protects interface from dirt or slider design that protects the whole body from dust or damage or hanging ring that helps you to protect from losing, these are some examples to assess before buying. So small USB drives can be attractive but you have to think if you really need it or if you really can keep it without losing. Every design has its own positive and negative sides. If you would like to use USB flash drive on your PC constantly and with more agile movement, then it would be wise to choose the small one. Because if you chose the big one, you can crash USB drive and the socket while you moving your PC. And also if you would carry it in your pocket or bag, choosing the capped one or slider design would be logical to protect from dust and dirt.


How to Buy USB Flash Drive?

Since your needs are different than me, I will not recommend you one specific mark or model. But I can say that first of all you have to decide your minimum requirements on each feature mentioned above. Then you can focus on your primary feature that you want to increase. I am sure that you will not get wrong product. You can also add new features to this how to buy USB flash drive topic according to your specific needs. Maybe you need biometrically encrypted USB drive or you need a custom USB drive design for your company. It is up to you to expand your checklist. If you have comments or recommendations please feel free to share with me.


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