Encryption Technology for Hardware Encrypted Flash Drives

In hardware encryption security method, basically, a small chip handles encryption inside of a Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive or Stick. When you look at the inside structure of hardware encrypted flash drives you can see two separate domain. One of them is the chip, the one that contains encryption and another one is storage that you put your personal data.

You can imagine it like hidden recovery part of your personal computer. On one side hidden recovery data that you use when you need, but can’t change, on the other side your data storage that you have full control. I mean chip part can just use for doorkeeper for your data security.

Apart from security software, hardware software needs you to use external verification to see inside of your USB flash stick. This external verification either could be a keypad or biometric verification system like the fingerprint scanner.

Hardware Encrypted Flash Drives

When you unpack an encrypted USB flash drive, in your first plug to a computer it will prompt you to enter a password or for biometric version will require you to scan your finger. Once the security clearance is created, your personal data part will be encrypted for any external user. Your newly created security clearance like security code or fingerprint will be needed each time you insert device to computers.

When you enter or pass security requirement after plugging to the computer, Hardware encrypted USB flash drives behaves like ordinary USB flash drive. You are free to copy, paste or change any data in it. When you unplug hardware encrypted USB flash drives it turns to an encrypted mode and needs your credentials again.

In some brands and version, you can find additional measures for keeping security on high levels. For example, if you enter password wrongly 10 times, hardware encrypted USB flash drives format all data inside. So you have to be aware of your hardware encrypted flash drives specialties very well. Because if you are using encrypted USB device for your valuable data, most probably you will not use backup for security reasons. So please learn all specification of your flash drive before using it.

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