How to Encrypt USB Drives with DiskCryptor?


There are many ways to encrypt a USB stick with an encryption software. One of these ways is to use DiskCryptor software to create secure USB flash stick.

The DiskCryptor software is an encryption software. It is totally free and can be used for any kind of drives including USB flash drives or memory sticks. This program can encrypt the entire drive.

You can download the DiskCryptor on the website for free. After download it, you have to set it up to your computer. After completion of setup, you are ready to encrypt your secure data in your USB memory stick.

Encryption Process

First of all, you have to plug in your USB memory stick to your computer. Then you have to click on DiskCryptor icon on your computer’s screen to run the program. When you run it you will see the window shown below.


Just select your USB drive by clicking on it. When you click on it ”Encrypt” button will be active. Click on ”Encrypt” button. The Below mentioned window will appear.


You will have the chance to select algorithm and wipe mode for your USB drive.  For the algorithm, you have below options.

– Twofish

– Serpent

– AES-Twofish

– Twofish-Serpent

– Serpent-AES

– AES-Twofish-Serpent

You can select an algorithm to your needs. When you select more than one algorithm encryption time can be long. But it certainly provides more security.


After selecting algorithm click on Next to continue. Your next window will be below one. With this window, you will determine your password for encryption. You can check your password’s suitability by checking Password Rating section.


After deciding your password click on OK to continue. When you click on OK, encryption will begin immediately. Encryption will take some time depending on the capacity and the selected algorithm method.


When the encryption process finishes, you will see the window below. Your USB flash drive is encrypted now. You can copy any data to inside.


Plugging Out USB Drive

If you want to plug out your USB memory stick, you have to click on ”Unmount” button, right upper side of the window. You will be prompted to approve unmount of volume. Click yes to continue.


From now on you can not reach your USB drive without using DiskCryptor program.

Plugging Into Computer

When you plug in your USB flash drive to your computer, you will see below message. You have to choose to cancel and open DiskCryptor program to see inside of your USB memory stick.


If you open DiskCryptor program below shown window will appear. Just select your USB flash drive and click on ”Mount” button.


From that point, you will be prompted to enter your previously designated password to allocated blank boxes.


After entering your password, your USB flash memory stick will be ready to use again. You will see the below-shown window and your device will be seen as mounted.


DiskCryptor is an easy way of encrypting USB drives. The program is free to use. In addition to that, the program interface is not complicated. If you need a simple but powerful encryption program then I can propose you to use DiskCryptor.

If you have any comments on DiskCryptor, please leave a comment below. Your precious ideas or recommendations will add value to this article. Also, you can share this information with your friends. I hope it provides benefit to you.

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  1. Thank you for your information. I set up DiskCryptor to my computer and using it. It is really simple to use. I reccomend everyone. Cheap and easy encryption to any usb flash stick. Thanks again.

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