Biometric Encryption and Biometric USB Flash Drive

A biometric is a unique, measurable, biological characteristic or trait of a human being. Biometrics is used for automatically recognizing or verifying the identity of the user. Biometric technologies are widely used to analyze human characteristics for security purposes. There are five different sides of biometrics. These are fingerprint, hand, eye, face, and voice. In this post, I am going to write about fingerprint Biometric USB Flash Drive.

biometric usb flash drive

Fingerprint Encrypted Biometric USB Flash Drive

Fingerprint Encrypted Biometric USB Flash Drive have a scanner platform for identification of their users. After unpacking product, when you plug it into your computer, you will automatically prompt to scan your fingerprint credentials. Most of the products in markets are enabling 10 additional users to be identified for each USB drive.

When you compare fingerprint encrypted USB drives with other hardware encrypted USB drives, we can say that it is not so widespread. But you can still find the good products of this emerging technology in major marketers like Amazon or eBay.

Using a biometric USB flash drive can be easier in some aspects. For example, you don’t need to remember your password in order to use the device. In addition to that only, the authorized people can use the device and they have to be present at the place. So if you want to minimize password breach, then the biometric device could be a good option.

In some models, the biometric USB flash drive can be divided into public and private partitions. So you can use the public partition for common standard data and private partition for your own secure data. When using public side you do not need to check your fingerprint. This part works like unencrypted USB drives.

Biometric USB Flash Drive Products

You can find some biometric encrypted USB drives below.


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