Apricorn Revealed Aegis Secure Key 3z Flash Drive

2017 has started with new USB drive reveals. USB drive brands have begun to reveal their higher technology drives successively. First, Kingston revealed the highest capacity 2TB USB flash drive, The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT). Immediately after that SanDisk revealed the fastest USB flash drive, the Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive with its 420MB/s read speeds and up to 380MB/s write speeds. Now, Apricorn revealed perfectly create and designed Apricorn encrypted drive, the Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z – USB 3.1 Flash Drive. The secure USB drive is expressed in Apricorn website as the combination of Advance Data Protection, Affordability, and Mass reconfigurability.

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key Features

Basically, the Apricorn encrypted drive Aegis Secure Key has FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation (pending for 2Q 2017) of U.S. government standards for information technology and computer security. In addition to previous cryptographic security system standards, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encompasses both the Aegis Secure Key’s physical tamper-resistant features as well as its identity-based authentication.

With its Military Grade 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption, all data is encrypted in a built-in fly in Aegis Secure Key. Beside that Onboard Alphanumeric Keypad that operates by rechargeable battery make it available user to unlock the device before connecting PC, tablet or mobile device. You can use 7 to 19 digit PIN for the password. Also, with this feature, the keypad protects the device from hardware and software key logging attempts.

Another good feature is that you can configure an independent user or admin PIN for your personal use or corporate users. So if one of the users forgets his password, the admin can reach to same secure USB drive and easily unlock it. Even admin PIN later makes it possible to clear previous independence user PIN and setting up a new one.

Also, Apricorn encrypted drive Aegis Secure Key encryption system makes possible to the user to create Data Recovery PIN. If you forget your password you can use your predetermined (up to four one-time use) Data Recovery PIN and get your data back.

In addition to these features, The Aegis Secure Key also includes drive reset feature. With this feature, you can clear PINs and destroys the data. Shortly you can erase everything and use your secure USB drive like new.

The Apricorn encrypted drive Aegis Secure Key 3z, with its dust and water resistant durable aluminum housing protected from damages and scratches. This feature enables long time usage availability without damage. Also, Tough Epoxy Coating makes it virtually impossible to penetrate.

Another security feature is Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism. This mechanism makes the secure USB drive protected to password breaches. If someone enters 20 subsequent wrong passwords it automatically destroys all data inside.

Beside these features also if you use Apricorn encrypted drive Aegis Secure Key with Aegis Configurator Compatible it gives you the opportunity to create custom profiles and mass configures multiple Secure Keys. This is a bundle option and businesses can get benefit from Aegis Configurator / Powered Hub bundle.

According to Apricorn website price options are $79 for 8GB, $99 for 16GB, $129 for 32GB and $159 for 64GB. If you check the features these prices are really affordable. When you compare it with other similar products the Aegis Secure Key 3z Flash Drive deserves these prices with its capability and durability.

Apricorn Specifications

Aegis Secure Key

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